Sunday BONUS Lineup!

  Guest Trainers & Guest Motivational Speakers! 

Focused on Mindset, Recovery, Rejuvenation, Deep Look into Nutrition & Supplements

....... and more!

The Best Shape of Your Life, in Just 48 days?

It's possible with the CSF's Great in 48 Plan!

At CSF we can not stress that nutrition really should not be considered an "add on" to your fitness plan. Exercise is just one component to overall fitness success. A healthy diet also makes a MAJOR impact in your progress. That is why there will be such a huge focus on YOUR nutrition with "Great in 48". You'll recieve a nutrition guide full of whole fresh food recommendations and professional supplements to incorperate during your program so you will get the best results possible.

Note: Due to the level of committment our coaches will be providing you, also to preserve our small group training sessions size, and provide nutrition guidance registration will close 1 full week before we begin. We need the week before to prepare your meal plan & trainings. 

Registration closes Sunday 3/11

CSF's Great in 48 Will Start in:


Are YOU Ready to FOCUS Harder Than Ever Before ?

Reminder: Registration closes March 10 th.